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The Bottom Layer

With everything (and in life), the bottom is the foundation.  In the pit, its a thick, soft layer of wood shavings or sawdust (or whatever the person selling you the stuff said it was). As usual, finding the sawdust/shavings was a Craigslist adventure, and I found a person selling full bags  about 30 miles away.  My craigslist guidelines  are to not go to a private home alone and to preferably meet them in a public place, as opposed to inviting them to my home if I am selling something…  hence, my husband, Dana, came along for the ride.   And since we were driving at least 30 miles we had to combine it with other errands/stops, such as clothing shopping, computer purchase homework, etc…etc….thereby not making a quick errand of it…  A day later, I have 3 bags of sawdust which will last me for a few firings.     The pit bottom is layered with about 6 inches of sawdust, which I will mix with dried coffee grounds which will tentatively give a brown coloring to the pottery…  (the coffee ground story?  this errand was quick, I was by myself and the used grounds are in a bin outside Custom Coffee House, free for the taking!)

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Pitfire on Friday, August 30

As a daughter of a volunteer fireman, I have no fear of fire…a pitfire is a combination of specially prepared pottery, organic materials, wood, and fire to color the pottery in a unique way.   

Experience (and possibly age) has taught me to enjoy each step of the preparation process.  At the Newport Art Museum in our ceramics classes, our motto is “don’t rush to ugly (thank you, Charlene)…and now I try to apply that to every step of the process..

My pits have 3 layers–the base sawdust layer, the middle organics and pottery layer, and the wood as the top layer…. each layer deserves a post!

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Day Job No Longer Exists

Give it all you got or nothing at all!

It’s time to give 100% of my time and effort to Fat Robin Pottery.  Simultaneous with product development (i.e. making pottery) is web design and presence and getting the word out that Fat Robin Pottery is a reality and products are available.  Please share this blog with friends, check back regularly to see what products appear, leave comments and keep checking in to watch this process evolve!

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