The Bottom Layer

With everything (and in life), the bottom is the foundation.  In the pit, its a thick, soft layer of wood shavings or sawdust (or whatever the person selling you the stuff said it was). As usual, finding the sawdust/shavings was a Craigslist adventure, and I found a person selling full bags  about 30 miles away.  My craigslist guidelines  are to not go to a private home alone and to preferably meet them in a public place, as opposed to inviting them to my home if I am selling something…  hence, my husband, Dana, came along for the ride.   And since we were driving at least 30 miles we had to combine it with other errands/stops, such as clothing shopping, computer purchase homework, etc…etc….thereby not making a quick errand of it…  A day later, I have 3 bags of sawdust which will last me for a few firings.     The pit bottom is layered with about 6 inches of sawdust, which I will mix with dried coffee grounds which will tentatively give a brown coloring to the pottery…  (the coffee ground story?  this errand was quick, I was by myself and the used grounds are in a bin outside Custom Coffee House, free for the taking!)

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One thought on “The Bottom Layer

  1. Susan

    Oh I’m so glad I’ve found you! I’m getting ready to do sawdust firing. I’ve been making little things with oft bits of leftover clay, I have the sawdust (live close to a sawmill), and a friend is feeding me advice via facebook messenger. She told me last night that she mixes coffee grounds into clay for a porous result when she makes water filters. Now I’ve just read that you use it in firing to get colour effects. Guess what, I my neighbor has the local bistro and I can get hold of that too. I’m 56 – an artist who paints because she has never been able to set up to follow the real dream: Sculpting with clay. I’ve made a lot odd things, even taught basic claywork, when I had access to a kiln. I can’t wait to read about the rest of your experience. Then I’m going outside to stack the bricks my brother delivered to me yesterday to make a little firing pit. You’ll understand how excited I am

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