The Middle Layer

The middle layer is your “intent”….all the pottery pieces you have created in the past month that you have transformed into your “canvas” for the organics (and a few chemicals) to do their work….  This pitfire’s theme is “old bottles…”  I grew up in an old cape house  in Newmarket, NH, a traditional mill town along a river.   As kids, we would dig in the old bottle dumps in the woods…and years later when my father sold the homestead, there were baskets and baskets of old bottles to be moved to a new home…  these bottles, which all my siblings and I still have, were my inspiration.  I made a dozen or more bottles using a combination of slab building and throwing techniques.  The bottles were then painted with terra sigilatta, a thin liquid clay mix which gives the pottery surface a sheen and hard surface to display the natural fired colors, and bisqued.   With much thought (and practice and patience), pottery pieces are placed in the pit surrounded by different organics which will color the pieces, with the addition of heat, smoke, fire, and wishful thinking.  Organics used in this pit were sawdust, banana peels, coffee grounds, corn husks, seaweed, and horse manure.

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