The Top Layer

You must be totally happy with the middle layer before you continue… are there enough air holes?  are there spaces and rolled up newspapers in several locations to light the pit?  what else do you want to add?  more organics?  where?  stop and think…. take a break and a step back… all is well?  start tumble stacking the acquired wood on top and around pottery….into the corners, around, in, on top off…  I now fill the pit to the top with wood….the pit is now ready to light….

After a blessing from the kiln gods, the pit is lit at various locations….  within minutes, all the wood is crackling and giving off heat….  in about an hour, when the top wood has burned below the top level of cement blocks, sheets of galvanized roofing are laid on top to hold in the heat….your work is done and in the hands of fate–hurry up and wait until the next morning when the fuel has burned out….

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