Sincere thank you to my sister

  Growing up in the 1950’s and 1960’s, my mother stayed at home and raised six children.  Throughout her life, she had many interests through the resources of the county cooperative extension, local women’s clubs, and other organizations.  She sewed clothing,  she upholstered furniture, she caned chairs, she stenciled, she carved wood, to name a few.  I grew up thinking everyone did many of these now considered hobbies.  Looking back, as I raised my own children, I realized how creative one must be with “time management” to maintain these interests and raise a family.  Your priorities are decided and life goes on.  In addition, your interests change.  Before I had children, I loved sewing and quilting.  Twenty years later I can still sew but have transferred that energy into something different, i.e. ceramics,

My sister, Candy, had a similar shift in interests.  She transferred her sewing interest and love of color to stained glass.  As she became more comfortable and more skilled, her projects become bigger and more varied.  She now “gifts” her  inventory.  In August,  she emailed me the above stained glass photo of a bird and a sunflower.  It took me one second to look at the photo and smile and realize the bird (must be a fat robin) is me, the sunflower represents my younger sister who loves sunflowers, and the glass and color represents her.  I emailed a reply to her photo immediately and my thoughts were correct.  Three sisters inspiration.  We also have another older sister who enjoys sewing and quilting and I know a part of her is in that stained glass, too.

The end result?  That Fat Robin stained glass is now hanging in my front door side light…for me to look at and inspire me.  Onward!   Candy, thank you!

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