The Hubbards Have Taken Over!

Sounds like a family feud or a turf war, doesn’t it?  Who could have imagined the result of taking one large hubbard squash out of a bushel basket in the back of a produce truck?  It’s hubbard mania!  A hubbard squash is a perfect clay mold–great size, great texture, and unlimited glazing options.  Why, I have a “working hubbard squash” as my employee/mold…it’s been in my cool cellar for at least 6 weeks allowing me to drape clay and produce bowl after bowl.  After selling a couple squash bowls, I purchased two more smaller hubbard squash at a farm stand and are creating smaller bowls (yet decent sized) from my two new employees (molds).   So reserve your hubbard squash bowl for your Thanksgiving table now–before they decompose and end up

DSC01605 DSC01608 011

in the compost pile!

P.S. What is the plural of hubbard?  hubbards or hubbard?

Large bowls are currently $40 and smaller bowls will be $30 at the Robin’s Nest Shop.

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One thought on “The Hubbards Have Taken Over!

  1. Candy

    Love the irregular/natural edges. You got the color spot on!

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