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Friday in Fall River

Dear Lily and co-workers, this is an assortment of items that Muthah Hubbard will have on display.  Included will be mugs, small bowls, larger bowls, and some platters.  If you know you would like to purchase a small or large hubbard squash bowl, please email me to reserve one–the Muthah Hubbard cupboard is running low on hubbard squash bowls (say that fast 3 times!)…. cash or check only….see you there!

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Wishful thinking…..

4 little piggies

made out of clay

went into the oven

one went away

3 little piggies

to be colored and bright

went into another oven

fingers crossed and tight!!!!!

It’s always wise to make more items than needed….as potters, we all know anything can go wrong at any step of the way, and you had better not love anything until it is complete and safe on a shelf… (again, thank you, Charlene….)  My daughter, Lily, requested 3 piggy banks; so I made 4 banks.  Into the bisque kiln they went and although the kiln was candled, obviously, it wasn’t long enough, and one pig broke.  With fingers crossed, 3 pigs went into the glaze kiln, and I’m hoping the kiln goddess is kind.  I will find out tomorrow morning.  Right now snow is on the way, and it will be a cozy night by the fire.  Enjoy the weekend.
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The Countdown is On!

The countdown has begun (thank goodness!) to that big holiday on Dec. 25! The Robin’s Nest at Fat Robin Pottery is still well stocked with one of a kind ceramic items, as well as bowls (including some spare hubbard squash bowls), mugs, platters, and ornaments.  South County Art Association in Kingston, RI is doing a brisk business selling my mamool ware and hubbard squash bowls, as well as ceramics from many other member potters.  Although there are no scheduled open houses, Fat Robin is open by appointment for you to come and browse.  Call to say you are coming and I’ll turn the heat on and put the kettle on!  If you know you want something and can’t come for a couple days, call or email so I can put the item aside until you can get here—I’ll be letting the kiln cool for a while in a week or so and not restocking for a while….still cash or check only…. Looking forward to 2014—people have given me lots of great ideas for the coming year.  Happy Holidays…Maggie at or   401-846-9323   Please pass the word or re-post.  Thanks!

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Open House this Saturday and Sunday Afternoon

Dear friends, family, and  followers,  the holiday push is on and this is the weekend I can guarantee inventory!  Last weekend after Thanksgiving, I did good at the Newport Art Museum Faculty and Student Show and simultaneously my pottery did GREAT at the South County Art Association Holiday Show–the hubbard squash bowls were in high demand.  Therefore, if you know you want any item of Fat Robin Pottery, please email or call to reserve it–quantities are limited….  Once these squash start rotting, my 2013 hubbard production will come to an end..  Fat Robin Pottery will be open on Saturday from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and again on Sunday afternoon from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.   In addition, if you can’t make it, please call or email to set up an appointment to come at another time….  There is a great selection of mugs, small bowls, large bowls, ornaments, and other one of a kind items…..check the website ( for types of pottery available….26 Simmons St., Newport   401-846-9323 or      Have a great weekend!

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Good Stuff is Happening…

Not every sale is in cash, although it comes in helpful at times. My daughter, Lily, and her boyfriend, Christian, requested many of my pottery items for Christmas gifts for work and family. ” Great, but I charge by the liter!” was my response.  And I was pleasantly surprised this past week, when they arrived with their payment–a case of my favorite Pinot Noir called “The Crusher.” Life sure is good!   Many thanks, guys!


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