Friday in Fall River

Dear Lily and co-workers, this is an assortment of items that Muthah Hubbard will have on display.  Included will be mugs, small bowls, larger bowls, and some platters.  If you know you would like to purchase a small or large hubbard squash bowl, please email me to reserve one–the Muthah Hubbard cupboard is running low on hubbard squash bowls (say that fast 3 times!)…. cash or check only….see you there!

DSC01866 DSC01865 DSC01864 DSC01863 DSC01861 DSC01860 DSC01859 DSC01858 DSC01765 DSC01759 DSC01757 DSC01753

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One thought on “Friday in Fall River

  1. Janice Bohan

    I love everything you create Margaret! Absolutely beautiful pieces, the leaf theme is great. I saw a show about a ceramic artist that used horse hair on a freshly baked peice burning a beautiful pattern on it. I thought of you. I’m sure you have seen this, probably tried it. But, I wanted to share it with you just incase you hadn’t.

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