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The Original Hubbard

As a reward for a holiday selling season well done, I am spending a few weeks upstairs in the heated rooms of my house, as opposed to down cellar in my unheated studio. My Christmas gift was a scanner, and I am scanning 50 years of photo albums, slides, and negatives.  As feared, the task is monumental, but it has been broken down into smaller segments, which are doable…and the realization that this effort is going to take months.  The albums, slides, and negatives are all organized, so now when I have a block of time, I can pull out a year and successfully scan a year.  The highlight of all this, is seeing past events, people, and places you forgot about.  But once you retrieve this memory via photo,  it’s amazing how many details of the event appear.  Show this photo to a family member in the photo, and more details surface.  Once the photo is scanned, it is easily shared with distant family members, and they get to enjoy the memories.  So not only am I enjoying it, the family is.  And I knew these photos existed,  and I found our original hubbard squash introduction back in 1991, grown by an elderly aunt and her companion, who were VERY proud of their crop! Little did I know at that time, that 22 years later, Aunt Edna’s and Verna’s hubbard squash would have an effect  on me!  It’s all in the timing….

edna and hubbard verna and hubbard

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