Fresh out of the kiln (and what’s about to go in!)

The fall leaves continue to inspire me and therefore, I have a lot to share!  Thanks to the back yard of my brother’s yard in CT, I have fern pieces.  This past week’s rain has been kind enough to leave me grape leaves to use, and my parsnip plants continue to grow their leaves.   The LARGE oak leaves came from the shores of Lake St. Catherine in VT…

20141017_075405 20141017_075346 20141017_07533620141017_075827 20141017_07524920141017_075148 20141017_080055


On a visit to my older sister’s house, I collected oak leaves in her driveway.  Pressed oak leaves combined with slip trailing make a good surface decoration.  With my style of creating, it’s all about the surface of the piece–the shape helps to highlight the surface.  I’ve been experimenting with the oak leaf and slip trail and look forward to some great results–i’ll keep you posted.

20141016_102126 20141016_093803

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One thought on “Fresh out of the kiln (and what’s about to go in!)

  1. e. obelenus

    looking good!!

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