Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…..

20141219_150401As the last weekend before Christmas begins, we begin to accept the fate that this is the last week before THE day and online shopping and the associated online shipping costs will be rising;  therefore,  make any decision and stick with it!  At Fat Robin Pottery, poor Mother Hubbard could not decide between red wine or white, or kale or oak leaf or mamool imprint to serve her nightly cheese and crackers.  Even a brain less hubbard squash can’t make up its mind!

Just a reminder that Fat Robin Pottery is available every day before THE day to help you make any gift giving decision–if I don’t have what you need perhaps I can help you brainstorm and send you off in a positive direction!  Please call, text, or email so I can unlock the Robin’s Nest (my garage), turn on the heat, find the appropriate Pandora music,  and light the scented candle for a positive and calming mood.

Finished your shopping yet still need to get out and enjoy the day?  stop by to say hello and I’ll put the tea kettle on and we can talk pottery techniques,  International foods, or chat about our children and pets.

Have a sane holiday countdown, and remember–you can only do what you can do.  Thank you for supporting all small businesses, artists, and crafts people.   Keep giving me ideas, feedback and input and I look forward to creating lots of fun stuff in 2015!

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One thought on “Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…..

  1. e. obelenus

    great picture. have a wonderful holiday and hope to connect after the new year.

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