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Off to Minnesota!

What degree of motherly love takes you from a nice warm January hibernation of genealogy and reading and sorting and old photos and baking bread and transports you to the frigid plains of Minnesota with a minus ridiculous wind chill and frozen nostrils and ice fishing and illuminated ice castles and natural ice caves?  Why, I’ll be at Cone 10 (for all you pottery folk) as I visit with my daughter, Lily,  and I embrace the MN winter wonderland (as she has instructed me!)!

This is my annual winter break from clay when I work on genealogy, old photos, read books, reconnect, and try to do many other things I’ve put off during the “clay season.”   This gives me time to think and to seek new inspirations to bring to clay.  Looking forward to seeing how this break and these travels influence my work.  As you can see, Mother Hubbard is all ready for our travels.


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