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Hibernation has ended!

It’s 49 degrees today on March 9 and the snow is melting here in Newport, RI!  Finally, I enjoy attacking the compressed snow piles, knowing my efforts will melt them and soon I will see what belongs there–crocus and daffodils and grass and brown earth.

Although the hubbard squash have not rotted, they have been retired to a back wall in the cellar, awaiting consumption.  Instead, I am experimenting with lace doilies.  In the past few years I have collected lace from Salvation Army thrift stores, Goodwill stores, Savers, yard sales, and friends.  Now is the time to explore…many pieces with many crochet patterns.  As I work with these intricate, detailed works of art, I think of the woman who made each piece and wonder who she was and what she was thinking.  So much to ponder!

As I roll and compress and imprint each doily, I think about shape and form and function.  And although I always default to a  clear glaze over a cobalt wash, I know there are other color and glaze combinations awaiting my discovery.  Experiment, test, experiment, test, trial and error until the right combination shines in the kiln!

There’s going to be lot of fun stuff in the Robin’s Nest (my shop) for Mother’s Day!

20150309_132411 20150309_131958 20150309_132727


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