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Back in the Pit(s)!

A warm spring day, a beautiful rural setting, the right blend of wood shavings, manure, seaweed, and chemicals, the smell of smoke, the crackle of flames, a few canker worms, and another Puddingstone Pit has begun!  Pit pal Christine and I are getting ready for Newport Restoration Foundation’s Clayfest on June 27 at Rough Point in Newport.  Clayfest will be a day of ceramic fun on the lawn at Rough Point, part of the Fired and Inspired Exhibit.   As one of the many exhibits at Clayfest, Christine and I will be pit firing and unloading ceramics from the pit for the public to view–it’s amazing to see the effect of assorted organics and fire have on specially prepared pottery.   Visit the Newport Restoration Foundation website for more Clayfest details–a great chance to interact with many forms of ceramics in action!

20150526_110817  20150526_150723 20150526_150634

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