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The Countdown has begun!

The countdown has begun to tomorrow’s pit fire with Christine at Rough Point….weather permitting….fingers crossed….the seaweed has been collected.  Thanks to the marine plant skills of my sister in law, Paula, I can now identify what seaweed varieties I like to use.  I just started collecting Codium, commonly called dead man’s fingers (think Davy Jones character in Pirates of the Carribbean) along with the old standby worts and kelp.  The preparation of the pots for the pit–how they will be wrapped with seaweed to hopefully get the best color results–is the most thoughtful time….. With careful note taking, I can remember how items were prepared to duplicate the results another time.  Today I wrap and tomorrow we load the pit.  Looking forward to some great results!

20150623_133200 20150623_131903 20150623_131549 20150623_131447 20150623_130825 20150623_122634 copy

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