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A Presentation for Pancake Man

It’s a treat to slow down and create something fun….and this serving piece was just that.  Fun from the very beginning–unexpected, spontaneous, and light hearted in every step of the process.  Long time Vermont friend, Joel, (omg–friends for 40 years!) has personal connections to a pancake master, Pancake Man.  Pancake Man has attended and crafted many pancake breakfasts on weekend mornings for the past 30 years.   The right serving piece was created by Fat Robin Pottery and presented to Joel to present to Pancake Man for his next appearance.  And lo and behold, he appeared the morning of our weekend visit and created his pancake masterpieces, and allowed photos to be taken.  Do you know a special chef or food creation that deserves its own special presentation piece?

20150814_191501 20150816_083526 20150816_083917

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A Couple Pits Later…..

Rough Point and a late July pit fire with clay pals have given me lots of firing practice.  Each artist/craftsperson has an idea of what they wish to achieve, and I am finally learning what organics give me what colors/effects  I want on my pit fired pottery.   My “palette” is emerging with consistency and I can now, as I create, imagine my end result.  It only took about 6 years but I did it!  Looking forward to many more pit fires–there’s nothing like the smell of controlled smoke and the afterglow of pots in a pit!

20150805_105807 20150805_105733 20150805_105634 20150805_105500 20150805_105430 20150805_105343 20150805_11020920150805_11021420150805_110206


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