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Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It’s off to shows and shops I go!

This week is the culmination of a few months (and especially these last few weeks) of intense pottery activity.  No matter how hard I plan there is always a last minute inspiration that pops up, and when the inspiration hits, run with it!  There will be a box of tree and leaf themed mugs, along with a few lace swirls and pit fire votives, going to South County Art Association in Kingston.  The 2nd Annual Pop Sale at the Hibernian Hall in Newport on Sunday will have plenty of lace items, leaves, ornaments, ferns, and a surprise still in the kiln!  And the Newport Art Museum Student and Faculty Show on Nov. 27 and 28 will have a combination of all of the above!

P.S. if you see something in my inventory you want, get in touch!  Many items are one of a kind or I only make a half dozen of something, and when they are gone, they are gone!  back to the studio…..

20151117_125642 20151117_125422 20151117_125102 20151117_124651 20151117_124446 20151117_083202

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Crunch Time in the Studio!

The kiln has barely had a chance to cool between loads of bisqued and glazed pottery as the first of the season’s “selling opportunities” is this coming weekend, Nov. 7 and 8 at the Unique Boutique Artisan Fair at Easton’s Beach Rotunda in Newport.  Cooling slowly and soon to be embellished are batches of lace impressed gingerbread men, star ornaments, lace mugs, anything holders, serving pieces, hubbard squash bowls, and maple and sunflower leaf dishes.  Still to be glazed are red cardinal ornaments and more imprinted mugs and bowls.  The challenge is turning my brain off at night–I seem to create and then to glaze items in my sleep! The Unique Boutique offers a wide variety of quality craftspeople and artisans. Hopefully there will be something for everybody….looking forward to a great day at the beach–come out and take a walk!

20151101_104106 20151101_103818 20151101_103448 20151101_103153 20151101_102813 20151028_084003 20151028_08380120151004_151029

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