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Change is in the air….

This has been a summer of transition on the home front, as a daughter moved into her own home leaving an empty bedroom…. 2 empty bedrooms to be exact, which then involved painting, and that cleaning fervor led to other rooms. Much time was spent sorting old paper, possessions, books, emptying boxes in all rooms of the house and reliving memories for my husband and I….it was time well spent.

In one old file was my job resume from the late 1970’s.   Since then I have had many jobs and raised children, so I strayed far from that original resume…. the best part of reading that resume was my objective …”to design, develop and manage my own business using personal skills and the talents and creativity of fellow craftspeople and artists…” I didn’t even know clay existed back then! But all my jobs, life experiences, travel, people connections, in the interim have brought me back to my original objective… only took 30 years plus to bring me full circle to my original intentions! Looking forward to many more revelations in the coming year….

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