Thank you for a great season!


My cellar studio is not conducive to productivity in this arctic (artic?) cold. Hence, I am comfortably sitting by the fire and reflecting on this past season and, thanks to many new and old customers, thinking ahead to many more seasons. A warm feeling overcame me on Christmas Eve– I thought about all the people in the holiday season opening a gift and receiving a piece of Fat Robin Pottery vintage lace impressed pottery for the first time…It became clear it was worth every second of the long hours spent in the studio creating.


The highlight of the craft shows? Watching total strangers walk up to my table/booth with a wondering look that read “give me time to think” as they looked at my wares for the first time. And a memory surfaced for them….my mother’s lace doily … and if I saw they needed help with their memory I showed them a doily….and the transformation on their face when they completed that memory and told me of a grandmother or aunt with similar lace in their possession was wonderful. One customer made the statement “you make the past come to life in your work.” And that comment hit the nail on the head…respect for the past and the women who created these doilies/lace and preserving these memories.


People are happy to suggest ETSY for a selling platform for my work….it won’t work for me—I can’t see the customers faces as they see my work…. And that means everything to me….


Thanks for a great season—I have lots of ideas to explore and I won’t dissappoint you!  Maggie

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3 thoughts on “Thank you for a great season!

  1. I love this lace patterning! I’ve always wanted to learn how to make pottery like this. I just recently tried making kintsugi (breaking pottery and repairing it with gold) –maybe the gold would compliment your blue colors well!

    • A great suggestion-I have read about kintsugi and recommended it to friends with broken pottery, and even have the gold markers on hand!

  2. Doris Shaw

    Hi Maggie,
    A Happy and Healthy New Year to you and family. I am so thrilled with my lace dishes. I use them every day and almost every room in my house has one of your creations!!! So keep up the good work and will be seeing you soon.


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