Robin’s Nest Shop

The Robin’s Nest Shop is all the items I have available for purchase.  It is a result of all the ceramics techniques I have tried and practiced and succeeded and tested and glazed and reglazed.  Ceramics is a constant process for me and to progress and to learn you must practice the  techniques over and over.  And once you finally perfect the right shape, then you have to explore the right glaze… And when you do all the above, you end up with an incredible amount of surplus pottery you need to share.Currently I have a wide assortment of mugs, small bowls, big bowls, vases, platters available.  I am constantly exploring and creating new items.

The Robin’s Nest Shop is open daily by appointment.  Call  or text 401-439-8523 or email to set up a time to come visit. Now taking Visa and Mastercard… I’ll put the tea kettle on! You won’t be disappointed.



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