What is Mamool Ware?

Mamool is a Lebanese filled butter cookie made during the holidays.  My husband, Dana, is of Lebanese descent, his grandparents coming from Lebanon.  As a child, Dana loved watching and helping his mother cook.  Food is also a common bond with his relatives and relives lots of childhood memories.  When our children were young and with their help, Dana began making mamool and giving it out as a gift at Christmas.  It begins with a butter cookie dough , filled with nuts and dates, and molded with a special wooden mold sold in Lebanese food stores.  The cookie is then baked.

I used these mamool molds to make stamps to press into the clay.  The design is highlighted by the way the glaze pools,” breaks”, and glistens.  Each piece is a bit different.

DSC01418     January 2011 005    DSC01296 DSC01294     DSC01292


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