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Clay description:  In my work I use two stoneware clays….One is a white stoneware and other is a tan stoneware with specks of manganese, both fired at cone 5/6, dinnerware safe.  I do put my pieces in the dishwasher.  They are safe on lower microwave settings, but should not be used to boil water, as some of the brown glaze contains iron and that heats up.  Baking is not recommended–special oven proof clay is needed, which I don’t use.

Pit fired pottery is not food safe.  It is porous and not glazed and should not be used with food.  It is for decoration only (it dusts off very well!)

Inspiration for my work is everywhere, but especially from my past.  Even though I now live by the ocean, I love the forests and trees and mountains.  Growing up, I was surrounded by old things (now called antiques)–pottery, bottles, lace,  tools, wood, furniture, tools…details and colors from those items may appear in my pieces.

In ceramics, there is no one way to decorate anything. The possibilities are endless. Therefore,  I use a variety of techniques to achieve the end result, such as shellac resist,, sgraffito,  stamping, and slip trailing.  And because of this, many items are one of a kind!

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