Yarn Bowl

A yarn bowl keeps the ball of yarn from bouncing or rolling around the room while the knitter or crocheter is working with the yarn.  A good yarn bowl shouldn’t tip over when pulling the yarn,  the yarn should slip easily in and out,  it needs to be smooth so the yarn won’t fray, and it should be high enough so the yarn won’t spin out!  Hopefully, these bowls do the trick!

Currently there is one sunflower yarn bowl in stock…to be honest, I made 4 bowls, but created a fatal flaw when I left the yarn channel in the clay til bone dry and the entire bowl cracked when I removed the clay!  Will only make that mistake ONCE!



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One thought on “Yarn Bowl

  1. Suzanne Pezzulli

    I love your work! I hope to come down to Newport to see your wares up close!

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