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Old Mother Hubbard

The Spring Bull Gallery in Newport’s upcoming show is The Art of Food – the perfect venue for my hubbard squash bowls….fortunately, I was able to purchase the last hubbard squash of the season at DeCastro’s Farm Stand in Portsmouth. This squash bowl edition of mine combines my love of vintage lace on clay, draped over a hubbard squash; this leaves a great lace impression on the inside of the bowl, and the nubbly squash texture with organic glaze qualities on the outside of the bowl.

As I filled out the show entry form at Spring Bull Gallery, I had to give the bowl a name….Vintage Hubbard.   And then I realized, this gives Old Mother Hubbard a whole new meaning. Once home, being a lifelong learner, I quickly googled “Old Mother Hubbard Nursery Rhyme” and learned its political connections! Your lesson of the day is as follows ….” Old Mother Hubbard – In the 16th century in England, The Old Mother Hubbard rhyme allegedly refers to Cardinal Thomas Wolsey and his unsuccessful attempt to get an annulment for King Henry VIII. Old Mother Hubbard is Cardinal Wolsey. The cupboard is the Catholic Church. The doggie is Henry VIII. The bone is the annulment Henry wanted in order to end his marriage to Katherine of Aragon. (this is the condensed version—lots more information and all the verses for you history buffs online…)

After all these years, I am so relieved there is no hungry senior citizen with her hungry dog! But to fuel your art hunger, there is a great show, the Art of Food, at Spring Bull Gallery in Newport.

(Of course I couldn’t make one bowl, I made three bowls….just in case….the first bowl is the entry…)

20170104_160538                   20170104_175815





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Holiday Open House this Sunday, December 7

With a special appearance by Mother Hubbard!

Please excuse me for adding to your Social Media Holiday Blitz Overload as I invite all to the Fat Robin Pottery Open House on Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  It’s a chance for new faces and new customers (as well as constant companions)  to see all of my pottery work, which includes a lot of techniques (slip trail, pit fire, sgrafitto)  that I did not bring to the fall fairs I took part in.  The Robin’s Nest (my heated garage here at 26 Simmons St., Newport) is well stocked with my garden leaf pieces, hubbard squash bowls,  mamool ware (Lebanese cookie imprints) mugs, bowls, and trays, and a wide variety of one of a kind pottery pieces.  Christmas ornaments are currently firing in the glaze kiln and will be cool enough to hang on Sunday.

P.S.  Can’t make it?  call or email to set up another time to stop by….I’m here every day–this is what I do!  Visa, MC, Discover (thanks to my Square reader), cash, checks, or a lovely pinot noir as forms of payment…..

20141205_110207 20141205_105813 20141205_105034 20141205_104439 20141205_103524 20141204_104336 20141204_104106 20141204_103631 20141204_103319 20141204_103010

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Back to work (even though I never really left!)

In the past few months, I’ve crossed the country a couple times.  In June, I flew to Salt Lake City and my younger daughter, Amber, met me , and we aimed her car for Rhode Island.  She had been living out west for many years,  mostly Jackson, Wy and she wanted a change; so she and her dog were moving back to Newport.   On our mother/daughter road trip we visited old friends, old places, listened to good books, good music, avoided tornadoes, rated Days Inns,  and renewed an interest in Diet Dr. Pepper.  This country is HUGE!   In August, I visited my older daughter, Lily, in the Minneapolis area, and discovered the true meaning of Minnesota Nice.

Between trips, I’ve been exploring and playing in clay and working on my 2014 fall line up.  Always looking outside for intent and interest, I was drawn to the leaves in the garden.  Along with the interesting zucchini leaves, something was growing out of my  compost pile.  At first the zucchini leaves and the compost mystery plant leaves were small, and once impressed into clay slabs they became small bowls or saucers.  But then the leaves kept growing, and the leaf slabs became bigger bowls and trays and serving pieces.   The compost mystery plant formed buds, then flowers, then set fruit.  AH HAH!  the mystery plant was no longer a mystery–it was a second generation hubbard squash which emerged from the seeds of the hubbard squash I used last year–it was a, SON OF A HUBBARD!  It was fate–I am now working on my 2014 hubbard bowls!

DSC03130 20140904_131931 DSC0317420140904_131847

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Hubbard Squash Success!

One never knows what will bring inspiration. Along with the colorful maple and oak leaf carpets on my neighborhood walk,  the blending of the blues and grays and greens on a hubbard squash presented by a friend caught my imagination.  A large squash shaped bowl on anyone’s Thanksgiving table would look great.  Clay slabs were rolled and draped over the squash.  While the clay was draped, it was gently pressed to imprint and to highlight all the irregular skin texture of the squash.  Once firm, the squash bowl was released from the “hubbard mold” and positioned to sit on a flat surface.   I experimented with feet for the bottom of each bowl.  Once happy with the way the bowl was sitting on the table, the edges were wiped and softened and the bowl set to dry. After a successful bisque,  glaze experimentation was done on small test  pieces which resulted in a suitable glaze color choice. The bowls were then glazed and successfully fired,   Next frontier–butternut squash!  And I will make a few more hubbard bowls before my organic mold decomposes.  My thanksgiving table will definitely look colorful this year.

DSC01502 DSC01565 DSC01590 DSC01594 DSC01606 DSC01605

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