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Anatomy of a Fakes & Forgeries Entry

January is a good time of year for me. The Spring Bull Gallery Fakes & Forgeries Show gives me a chance to play in clay, before I give my kiln its winter hibernation. As a lifelong learner, it also gives me a chance to learn about an artist by reading and watching videos about that person. This year I chose Jose Guadalupe Posada, a Mexican illustrator who was known for his satirical drawings of the upper class and government in the early 1900’s….(go ahead, take a minute to google his name and learn about him; you’ll also learn how his art was used to illustrate the Day of the Dead.)

As a ceramic artist, I don’t care about the perfect shape of a piece I am making; just let me make something quickly so I can decorate—just give me the surface of the piece–let me embellish! (I got new carving tools for Christmas!)  Five platters were made using the sgrafitto technique,  as one never knows if the kiln goddess will be kind…or cruel.   Happily, five platters made it out of the final glaze kiln, #1 was entered in the show, #2 warped so is hanging on my living room wall, and 3, 4, and 5 are looking for new homes.

Enjoy the Spring Bull Gallery’s Fakes and Forgeries Show, running January 18 to February 28 with  entries of artists’ interpretations of fakes and forgeries of great art—it’s a fun show! And say hello to La Catrina—she’ll be watching you!



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After many months of work, it’s Showtime!

After months of learning, thinking, practicing, tweaking, exploring, traveling, wondering, and creating, it’s ready or not, the holiday fair season is upon us, starting with the Unique Boutique at Easton’s Beach in Newport.    Along with my new “a day at the beach” ornaments (scallop, starfish, quahog), there are more lace inspired table serving pieces, great for any holiday table. Looking forward to pleasing current Fat Robin fans and to delighting new pottery users! This pottery is made to be used and to become your new favorite! Looking ahead, I will have a table at the Pop Up Sale at the Hibernian Hall, Wellington Ave, Newport on Saturday, Nov. 18 and at the Newport Hospital Auxiliary Fair on Saturday, Dec. 2 at the Knights of Columbus Hall on Valley Rd. in Middletown…..Sunday, Dec. 3 all are invited to the Fat Robin Pottery Holiday Open House…’s that time of year! Happy Holidays!

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Hubbard Squash Success!

One never knows what will bring inspiration. Along with the colorful maple and oak leaf carpets on my neighborhood walk,  the blending of the blues and grays and greens on a hubbard squash presented by a friend caught my imagination.  A large squash shaped bowl on anyone’s Thanksgiving table would look great.  Clay slabs were rolled and draped over the squash.  While the clay was draped, it was gently pressed to imprint and to highlight all the irregular skin texture of the squash.  Once firm, the squash bowl was released from the “hubbard mold” and positioned to sit on a flat surface.   I experimented with feet for the bottom of each bowl.  Once happy with the way the bowl was sitting on the table, the edges were wiped and softened and the bowl set to dry. After a successful bisque,  glaze experimentation was done on small test  pieces which resulted in a suitable glaze color choice. The bowls were then glazed and successfully fired,   Next frontier–butternut squash!  And I will make a few more hubbard bowls before my organic mold decomposes.  My thanksgiving table will definitely look colorful this year.

DSC01502 DSC01565 DSC01590 DSC01594 DSC01606 DSC01605

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